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The Ultimate Adventure Company began with a simple idea in mind, to provide the tools and resources for people to create their own adventure! From the resources for anyone to do-it-themselves to custom-made items, while supporting the community.

To start our journey we asked ourselves what every would-be adventurer would need and we discovered that the three key things is:

  1. The tools and resources to define their own adventure,
  2. A community to enjoy their adventure with,
  3. The desire to be challenged and to achieve

We hope you love our store and our products as well as our adventures as much as we love making them!

We are constantly looking at new product ranges, designs and features for the products we sell in order to better support our amazing community of hobbyists, adventurers and crafters around us!

Keep adventuring!

Matt & Kelly
Ultimate Adventure Company

Cross-Thread Paracord Survival Bracelet | Ultimate Adventure Company

Cross-Thread Paracord Survival Bracelet

Who We Are

Matt’s vision is “to go and experience life in full and in abundance, living out adventures one day at a time and taking others along for the journey.” While adventuring outdoors is certainly a passion, he also likes to live out his grand adventures at the dinner table by crafting unique Dungeon and Dragons campaigns to be played amongst friends, or by building and painting his Warhammer armies and taking these to war!

Following Matt into the fray, Kelly-Anne lives life as a pillar to Matt’s adventurous endeavours, and when not being a great mother she makes sure to adventure alongside Matt!

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